About Us

Our Story

Children of Promise Asia was founded by Christopher and Siu Yuk Zaino in 2009. Originally operating in multiple cities in South East Asia since 2000, Chris and Siu employed their background in education, counseling, and physical therapy to help children with special needs. Their vision was to support these children by providing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual care. In 2009, they established their first permanent center. From this location, CP Asia has expanded and grown to its current size. Unfortunately, Christopher Zaino passed away in 2016, but his wife, Siu, and the rest of the CP team continues to strive towards our shared vision!

Our Mission

In South East Asia, society often does not support children and young adults with mental illnesses disabilities, leading to discrimination and, in some cases, child abandonment. We aim to support the disabled by providing essential educational, financial/career, and social support to both children/young adults with disabilities and their families. Furthermore, we also hope to combat these harmful societal stigmas by creating an open community where everyone is welcome.

Our Impact

We currently provide support and service to over 200 families. Through the efforts of over forty staff, we offer these families one-on-one rehabilitation, home visits, educational/rehabilitation classes, playgroups, and training for other professionals on how to help children with special needs. Additionally, we run two career supporting centers, three mental health services, one school assistance service, and a citywide home care service. Children of Promise Asia also teams up with local organizations to help provide more services and assistance to those with mental illnesses and their families, and to grow awareness in communities at large of their needs.

Our most recent project is Susan’s Workshop, an initiative that seeks to create a space for children and adults with mental disabilities and physical disabilities to express their creativity and interact with the local community.