Susan’s Workshop

Susan’s Workshop is Children of Promise Asia’s newest project to help local disabled communities in South East Asia! Susan’s Workshop aims to create an open and inviting environment for people with mental and physical disabilities—or even those with emotional issues—to relax and express their creativity through artwork and crafts. Some of the artwork/crafts include handmade cards, leather wallets, and paper quill art. Artists can even sell their completed crafts to make some money!

Susan’s workshop also provides an incredible and supportive community for people with mental and physical disabilities to interact and thrive with each other. Additionally, CP Asia staff are always available to guide and support them.

Susan’s workshop first began in March 2021 and was named in memory of Susan, a longtime supporter of CP Asia who loved to create crafts. Currently, CP Asia has two workshops open in metropolitan and more rural areas, available for both clients and the public.

Handmade Card Gallery

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