CP Asia Career Supporting Centers—Havens to Many

We are happy to share that we have just been entrusted by the local authority with a third career supporting center. Now we are serving over 100 people with disabilities and their families through our three centers on a daily basis. To many of our clients, our centers are like havens to them. They tell us that the centers have made their life rich and worth living!

Our centers are places to hang out and spend time with others. Before coming to our centers most of our clients have been homebound due to various reasons. Now coming to the center has become the highlight of their daily life. They hang out with friends and participate in many fun and invigorating activities. Using a holistic approach to serve our clients, we pay attention to their career development needs, as well as their physical and emotional needs. Every morning we gather our clients together for a morning session. We sing, we dance, and we share. Not only do we make great connections with each other, we have lots of fun and memorable moments as well.

Every week there will be various small group activities to learn life skills, and to have fun, such as cooking, interpersonal skills, arts and crafts, and so on. There will also be birthday parties, holiday celebrations and outings every month. We try our best to provide general and special individual physical training sessions for our clients according to their needs as well.

Our centers are places to grow and make contributions. To some, they think that their disability makes them useless. Coming to the centers had opened their eyes. Here, they can learn career skills and use what they have had to contribute to society. Other than working in the workshops in the centers which receive orders from factories nearby; our staff also create positions for our clients to use their talents, such as housekeeping assistants, kitchen assistants, and shopkeepers.

Even those with less functional skills, we train them to be other clients’ assistants. Everyone finds his/her own position and importance in our centers. Seeing how our clients grew from being a burden to the families to become someone productive have really brought much joy to our hearts.