Siu Yuk (CP Asia Founder): Health Updates

In late 2021, CP Asia’s founder Siu Yuk Zaino was diagnosed with lung cancer. Luckily, a PET scan revealed that the cancer growth most likely hadn’t spread to other parts of her body yet. Siu Yuk underwent surgery on December 30th, resulting in the successful removal of all cancerous cells in her lungs!

During the start of the New Year, Siu Yuk spent her time recovering at home with her two daughters. Her surgery recovery has been smooth and she has gained much of her mobility back!

Unfortunately, in late January, doctors notified Siu Yuk that her cancer had not fully left her body. However, despite the bad news, Siu Yuk has continued to battle on! She would also like to give her gratitude to the churches, the doctors, her family, and God supporting her and CP Asia.  We will continuously pray for Siu Yuk to have strength, health, and guidance from God!

“You are my strength, I watch for you; You, God, are my fortress”

— Psalms 59:9