QB: Home Alone!

Every year, Children of Promise Asia hosts the “Yes I Can” contest to promote independence and self-reliance for people with disabilities. Through this contest, CP Asia also encourages young people with disabilities to refuse to conform to the stereotype that they are weak and unable to help themselves and others. 

One of our 2018 contest champions was QB, a 14-year-old middle school student with cerebral palsy. Despite having weak neck muscles and severe spasms, he wanted to give his parents “a day off” from taking care of him. With the help of a newly installed surveillance camera in the house, QB’s parents agreed to his idea. QB then carefully created his plan for the day. When the day came, QB ordered take-out for his meals all by himself. He also was able to use the bathroom and dress in his clothes without any help. Sleeping alone in the house all by himself was a challenge, so he left the light on and read himself to sleep! His plan was a success, and it was truly like a dream come true for QB and his family! Since then, QB has been continuing on with this home-alone challenge and becoming more and more independent!