Lang: Career Training!

One of the goals of Children of Promise is to help young people with disabilities prepare for their futures. In order to meet this goal, CP Asia has created multiple training programs at our career centers to help and train our students for independent living and future career aspirations.

One of our new students is Lang, a young adult with cerebral palsy. After graduating from middle school, Lang was at a loss about what he wanted to do with his future. Lang had really hoped that he could get an office job, but he had didn’t have an idea where to begin. However, he realized that our career centers were his best bet to get prepared and learn the necessary skills for his future career goals.

Joining our career training project has really made a difference in Lang’s life. Now, he is learning many skills on the computer such as working with documents, PowerPoints, and PhotoShop. Moreover, he is also learning how to prepare meals for himself and his family!