QB: Advocating for Rights!

QB is a child with severe cerebral palsy and is now 15. After spending two years with us and seeing how bright and determined he was, we urged the parents to send him to school. To ease the minds of his parents, we sent one of our teachers to assist him at school. This year he finishes Junior High and is ready for High School. However, there is one obstacle to overcome; he has to take the public high school entry exam. QB, who has problems with both motor and speech control, can only work with his iPad for homework and tests. Yet, exam regulations say absolutely no iPads, since it’s an electronic device! 

After making many requests with the Exam Department without success, QB’s parents filed a lawsuit against the city’s Education Department. After two sessions of court, the judge declared that the city’s Education Department was breaking the law by not providing reasonable accommodations for QB to take the exam. With this decision, QB was able to take his exams and is now going to high school! We are really encouraged to see how parents stand up for their rights and advocate for their children!