Zhuang: Back and Better Than Ever!

In southeast Asia, people with mental illnesses and disabilities encounter many struggles, ranging from internal ailments to external discrimination. Because of these challenges, many patients are reluctant to receive medical interventions, but also avoid the general public and live in almost complete isolation. Some of our clients had stopped going out years ago!

With our new government-funded project KLJY Recreation Home, we were granted the information and the right to visit clients with mental issues, to invite them to our centers, and to bring them out of their homes. Simple daily activities like taking public transportation, eating out, going shopping, and visiting the beach have brought much joy to our clients’ lives and improved their mental health. 

29-year-old Zhuang, our first client, has spent four weeks with us so far and has become a much happier person. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was hospitalized again in April 2020 for being violent. However, in just a few weeks at the KLJY project, Zhuang has been like a flower opening up in front of our eyes! He is also now a great helping hand to us and to his own family.